From the selection of the most refined leather products to the final polishing, this product has undergone sixty manual operations and has required between 45 and 55 minutes of work.

Atelier Ferrer

The individual patterns for each of the leather pieces in our products are made by hand. In order to guarantee optimal processing of our leather, we trim each piece of leather in our workshop.

While the entire piece of leather is trimmed when it is divided into layers just tenths of a millimetre thick, only the outer edges of the leather are trimmed in the machine so that the leather can be hammered or bent. 


Atelier Ferrer
Atelier Ferrer

The leather base piece also lays the foundation for precise and beautiful stitching in the final product. After all, perfect seams can only be achieved when several overlapping and processed leather pieces have been precisely trimmed.

The blank cuts for our products are individually punched by hand with the aid of a rotary die-cutting machine. 

These cuts are then used for the lining to insert the part that has to be the belt padding. 

Atelier Ferrer
Atelier Ferrer

The flat belt series are die-cut in line on a tabletop die-cutting machine.

The points on each product are executed with precision and a special, intuitive skill. 

Atelier Ferrer
Atelier Ferrer

The lateral line (filleted), made by hand with a red-hot tool, gives a termination impeccable to the strap.

We dye and sharpen the edges of our products three times by hand in our manufactures, at least.

Atelier Ferrer
Atelier Ferrer

Our products are sewn by hand in our sewing studio.

We differentiate between the study stitch (which is sewn with a needle and a thread) and the classic hand stitches (which uses two needles and a thread).

When all the necessary stitches have been pre-punched, our products are sewn by hand with only one thread and two alternating needles. After that, each stitch is pulled hard.

The first stitch is made twice with both needles, like the last stitch, which also has a double knot.

As we only use one thread, it is impossible to pull the stitch, unlike the mechanical stitches with separate upper and lower threads.

Many producers of high quality leather goods still maintain the tradition of classic seamstress seams. We are proud to be one of them.

As refined as hand-sewing, this tradition is still alive in our hand-made watchstraps, proving once again that it is the best technique. There is a good reason for this: every movement of the hand contributes to the quality of the final product.

Our expert seamstresses need half an hour for a hand-sewn watch strap.

Atelier Ferrer
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