Our leathers

We require our suppliers to provide certificates of origin for the hides and that they comply with international laws on the trade of endangered species (Convention of Washington). Ferrer guarantees observance of environmental laws with its compliance with the directives of CITES (Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna).


The alligator leather is extremely durable and resistant. Requesting a cut and clean way different from those used for other leathers, rare and precious alligator skins are exceptional and unconventional life. The alligator skin differs from crocodile skin because the round scales are smaller. The alligator leather is available in a glossy or matte. The alligator is a protected species, the alligator watch straps are sold legally under CITES certificates.


Before the advent of crocodile and alligator, lizard was enormously used for bracelets montre.Si originally wristwatches lizard hides were destined to both men and women, with time they have become almost exclusively "reserved" to the ladies ... the advantage of the lizard is its price: it remains the cheapest of reptile leathers. Then the color spectrum of lizard tanned is simply phenomenal. Finally, remember that the lizard is one of the most durable leathers available.


Flexibility and character are all qualities which make ostrich skin as prestigious as crocodile and python. Ostrich leather is perfect for the luxury watch through everyday use and as necessary on more traditional models, sports, retro or modernes.The ostrich skin is characterized by its unusual design. It has been known for years in the leather market for its beauty, its many qualities, and above all for its pearly effects caused by the points left on the skin where the bird's feathers were removed, giving it a dotted pattern. The follicles on the leather give this skin a unique appearance, making its structure different from other leathers. The amount of follicles dictates the price of ostrich skin: the more there is of follicles present on the leather, the higher the price of leather is high.


Called skin full belly scales are broad, square and irregular. Smaller, rounded and clearly defined, and the sides of the scales are wisely ordained as a pearl necklace. The alligator is in a glossy or matte. The alligator is a protected species, the alligator watchstraps are legally sold and are delivered with their CITES certificates.


Natural bull skin that stands out for its great resistance, ideal for intensive use.
High resistance to seawater, temperature changes, oil, sun, chlorine, alcohol.
Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal treatment. Maximum tensile strength.

Calf alligator style
The calf, of a grain finer than that of the young calfskin or the bull, owes its exceptional flexibility and its sweetness to the youth of the skin. 
Very pleasant in to carry, he is resistant and exists in numerous tints.
For a question of budget, we can also use the calf to look like 99 % in the real alligator. The depiction of the bracelet of watch in calf style alligator will be almost identical to that of the bracelet shows in real alligator. Indeed, the grain is really very well imitated.


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