Creating leather watch straps since 1947

It all starts with selecting the right leather for each strap. 

Thanks to that wisdom learned by touch we can decide which is the most suitable material to carry out each strap.

From the cutting of the material to its assembly or sewing by hand, its realization requires between 45 and 55 minutes of manual work. 

   Each procedure - cutting, stamping, assembling, gluing, sewing - is part of that magic that manages to shape and transform the leather.

The straps are then secured, needle in hand, to give them durability. Hand-stitching is another aspect that reveals the love for traditional ways of doing things. 

It is in the small details where the magic resides, the charm of a handmade piece.

One watch, infinite possibilities.

Thought and manufactured in our workshop, all our watch straps fit the vast majority of modern or vintage timepieces available today.

The choice of the best materials, without compromise, and top of the range finishes.

The best way to rekindle the spark with your favorite timepieces.

Find the perfect combination for your watch

Atelier Ferrer Channel
Atelier Ferrer Channel
Atelier Ferrer Channel

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