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Atelier Ferrer Channel

 Creating leather straps for watches since 1947



Atelier Ferrer Channel is dedicated to the production of luxury leather watch straps and special orders. Leather, a noble material, is manufactured in our workshops in accordance with a traditional technique and method, which makes each watch band unique.


At Atelier Ferrer Channel we work exclusively with the best tanners in Spain, France and Italy. We take special care in the selection and purchase of leather for the manufacture of our leather watch straps. This approach allows us to offer you leather products that meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics, durability and optimal comfort. 

Alligator Atelier Ferrer

ALLIGATOR - It is extremely durable and strong. Requiring a cut  different from those used for other leathers, rare and precious alligator hides exhibit exceptional character and unconventional longevity. Alligator skin differs from crocodile skin because the round scales are smaller in size. The belly, tail and head scales are more angular.

The alligator exists in a glossy or matte finish. As the alligator is a protected species, alligator watch straps are always controlled by CITES Certificates.

OSTRICH - Patina, suppleness and character are so many qualities that make ostrich skin as prestigious as crocodile and python. Ostrich leather  exists perfectly with luxury watches in the context of daily use and both on  classic, sports, retro or modern models.
Ostrich skin is characterized by its unusual design. The follicles on the leather caused by the spots left on the hide where the bird's feathers have been removed, giving this hide a unique appearance, returning its structure different from other hides. The number of follicles dictates the price of the skin.

Avestruz Atelier Ferrer
Cordovan Atelier Ferrer

CORDOVAN - It is a horse leather famous for its durability, self-cleaning character, breathability, deep color, soft touch and shine. Shell Cordovan is difficult and expensive to produce. En a natural product tanned for six months with natural food grade fats, oils, fats and waxes. The tanning process, carried out since 1905 at Chicago's Horween Leather, includes around 100 steps, most of which are done manually or using machines in the world virtually unchanged since the industrial revolution.

VACHETTA - It is a type of full-grain vegetable tanned leather, made from cowhides. It is distinguished by its high fat content and its natural finish, almost untreated. The fat content creates a smooth, buttery finish to the touch.

While the name Vachetta comes from the French word for cattle, it actually has an Italian heritage and is primarily produced in Tuscany. Hence the common description of Florentine Vachetta leather.

Buttero Atelier Ferrer
Nappa Atelier Ferrer

NAPPA - Presents its open pores and the natural properties of the leather are easily recognized, since it cannot be covered with dyes or varnishes, only with aniline dyes (organic compound).

For this reason, the quality is the best in leather as imperfections in the skin such as insect bites, spike scratches or other marks cannot be covered.

LAGARTO - Antes del cocodrilo y del alligator, el lagarto fue utilizado muchísimo para las correas de reloj.

Si al principio los relojes de pulsera en piel de lagarto se destinaban a

hombres más que a las mujeres, con tiempo, se hicieron casi exclusivamente

“reservados" para las damas...

La ventaja del lagarto es su precio: es el más barato de los reptiles. El aspecto de los colores de los cueros curtidos de lagarto es simplemente fenomenal. El lagarto es uno de los cueros más resistentes que hay.

Lagarto Atelier Ferrer
Chagrin Atelier Ferrer

CHAGRIN - Este cuero de cabra es su grado superior, está curtido vegetal en un proceso único de 23 pasos que toma más de 3 semanas para producir cada piel. Este proceso especial involucra muchas manos y trabajar el cuero para darle un hermoso grano, un tacto suave y un color uniforme. El grano tiene una textura natural que agrega una hermosa profundidad al cuero. 

XTREME - Piel de toro natural que destaca por la su gran resistencia, ideal para un uso intensivo.

Alta resistencia al agua de mar, a los cambios de temperatura, al aceite, al sol, al cloro, al alcohol.

Tratamiento anti bacterias, anti microbios, anti hongos. Máxima resistencia a la tracción.

Xtreme Atelier Ferrer

From the selection of the most refined leather products to the final polishing, this product has undergone sixty manual operations and has required between 45 and 55 minutes of work.

Atelier Ferrer

Individual Patterns for each of the  leather parts en our products are made by hand. In order to ensure un optimal processing de our leather, we lower each piece of leather in our workshop.

While part full leather lowers when split layered barely tenths of a millimeter de thickness, only the edges exterior of the skin is loweredan on machine in such a way that the skin can be hammered o fold. 


Atelier Ferrer
Atelier Ferrer

The basic piece of leather also lays the foundation for beautiful, precise stitching in the final product. After all, perfect seams can only be achieved when multiple pieces of Overlapping and processed leather have been precisely lowered.

Blank cuts for our products are drill individually  by hand with the help of a die cutter swivel. 

They are the cuts that later they serve for with the lining, insert la part that has to be el strap padding. 

Atelier Ferrer
Atelier Ferrer

The series in straps flat are die-cut en die cutting line de table.

The points in each product are executed with precision and special intuitive skill. 

Atelier Ferrer
Atelier Ferrer

The lateral line (filleting), made by hand with a hot tool, gives an impeccable finish to the strap.

We dye and sharpen the edges of our products at least three times by hand in our workshop.

Atelier Ferrer
Atelier Ferrer

Our products are hand-sewn in our sewing studio. We differentiate between the studio stitch (which is sewn with a needle and a thread) and the classic hand stitches (which uses two needles and a thread).  Once all the necessary stitches have been pre-punched, our products are hand-stitched with just one thread and two alternating needles, after which each stitch is pulled hard. The first stitch is  done twice on both needles, as is the last stitch, which is also double-knotted.

Since we only use one thread, it is impossible to pull the stitch, unlike mechanical stitches with separate top and bottom threads.

Many item producers high quality leather still maintain the tradition of las classic saddle stitching. We are proud to be one of them. Refined like sewing by hand, this tradition lives on on our watch straps handmade, demonstrating once again that is the besttechnique. There is a good reason for this: every move de the hand contributes to the quality ofthe final product. Only seamstresses they need half an hour for una hand-sewn watch strap

Atelier Ferrer
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Atelier Ferrer Channel

Factory and offices: Pascual Madoz, 12

08301 Mataró-Barcelona (Spain)

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