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At Atelier Ferrer Channel we work exclusively with the best tanners in Spain, France and Italy. We take special care in the selection and purchase of leather for the manufacture of our leather watch straps. This approach allows us to offer you leather products that meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics, durability and optimal comfort. 

Alligator Atelier Ferrer

ALLIGATOR - It is extremely durable and strong. Requiring a cut  different from those used for other leathers, rare and precious alligator hides exhibit exceptional character and unconventional longevity. Alligator skin differs from crocodile skin because the round scales are smaller in size. The belly, tail and head scales are more angular.

The alligator exists in a glossy or matte finish. As the alligator is a protected species, alligator watch straps are always controlled by CITES Certificates.

OSTRICH - Patina, suppleness and character are so many qualities that make ostrich skin as prestigious as crocodile and python. Ostrich leather  exists perfectly with luxury watches in the context of daily use and both on  classic, sports, retro or modern models.
Ostrich skin is characterized by its unusual design. The follicles on the leather caused by the spots left on the hide where the bird's feathers have been removed, giving this hide a unique appearance, returning its structure different from other hides. The number of follicles dictates the price of the skin.

Avestruz Atelier Ferrer
Cordovan Atelier Ferrer

CORDOVAN - It is a horse leather famous for its durability, self-cleaning character, breathability, deep color, soft touch and shine. Shell Cordovan is difficult and expensive to produce. En a natural product tanned for six months with natural food grade fats, oils, fats and waxes. The tanning process, carried out since 1905 at Chicago's Horween Leather, includes around 100 steps, most of which are done manually or using machines in the world virtually unchanged since the industrial revolution.

VACHETTA - It is a type of full-grain vegetable tanned leather, made from cowhides. It is distinguished by its high fat content and its natural finish, almost untreated. The fat content creates a smooth, buttery finish to the touch.

While the name Vachetta comes from the French word for cattle, it actually has an Italian heritage and is primarily produced in Tuscany. Hence the common description of Florentine Vachetta leather.

Buttero Atelier Ferrer
Nappa Atelier Ferrer

NAPPA - Presents its open pores and the natural properties of the leather are easily recognized, since it cannot be covered with dyes or varnishes, only with aniline dyes (organic compound).

For this reason, the quality is the best in leather as imperfections in the skin such as insect bites, spike scratches or other marks cannot be covered.

LIZARD - Before the crocodile and the alligator, the lizard was used extensively for watch straps.

If at first the lizard skin wristwatches were intended for

men more than women, over time, became almost exclusively

"reserved" for the ladies...

The advantage of the lizard is its price: it is the cheapest of the reptiles. The appearance of the colors of the lizard tanned hides is simply phenomenal. Lizard is one of the toughest leathers out there.

Lagarto Atelier Ferrer
Chagrin Atelier Ferrer

CHAGRIN - This goat leather is their top grade, it is vegetable tanned in a unique 23-step process that takes over 3 weeks to produce each hide. This special process involves many hands and working the leather to give it a beautiful grain, smooth feel, and consistent color. The grain has a natural texture that adds a beautiful depth to the leather. 

XTREME - Natural bull leather that stands out for its great resistance, ideal for intensive use.

High resistance to sea water, temperature changes, oil, sun, chlorine, alcohol.

Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal treatment. Maximum tensile strength.

Xtreme Atelier Ferrer
Elefante Atelier Ferrer

ELEPHANT - Elephant leather is a leather whose relief is more important, its grain is both natural and irregular. 
These characteristics make it a particularly resistant and qualitative material.

As the elephant is a protected species, elephant watch straps are always controlled by CITES certificates.




*The REACH Regulation (CE) nº 1907/2006 (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of chemical substances and mixtures) is a European regulation that arises from the need to regulate the protection of human health and the environment against the risk that may involve the manufacture, marketing and use of chemical substances.

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